Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dance Therapy Studio

With shows like So You Think You Can Dance increasing in popularity, it’s easy to think dance is just for the super talented who are prepared to put in hours of training, hard work and money. And although there is no doubt that watching strong, well-executed dance technique is a delight, dance is a sport which anyone can enjoy and reap the benefits of.


 There are so many fantastic activities that a young person can engage in to help build their confidence and self-esteem, but finding the right one is important. The reason I personally love dance as an outlet Continue Reading >>

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What to Say if You Think Your 15 Year Old Daughter is Having Sex

Parent Question:  My daughter is 15 and has recently fallen for a really lovely boy.  Our family all really like him and he’s very respectful but two months in, I’m wondering if they’re sleeping together.  He’s not allowed to stay over, even in another room, but they go to parties and out for the evening.  I want to ensure she’s not being pressured into doing something she doesn’t want and that she’s all clued up about contraception.  What do I say?  I don’t want to put the idea of having sex in her head so I have to tread carefully. Continue Reading >>

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I apologise for going through your pockets. Now please explain the pot.

The media often gives the impression that teenage drug use is spiralling out of control, but according to DARTA this is simply not the case. Here are some facts relating to drug use amongst 12 – 17 year olds:

-  In terms of lifetime drug use, rates are either stable or decreasing for all illicit drug use (apart from cannabis).
-  15.6% of youth reported using illicit drugs, including cannabis, in their lifetime. Excluding cannabis use, just 6.5% of students reported using any illicit drug in their lifetime.

Marijuana Joint_604Although there has been much positive progress, I am personally still very Continue Reading >>

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