Thursday, October 30, 2014

Five Questions I Ask My Own Teenagers

When my kids were small, they lived life blissfully unaware of any potential danger around them. They would run onto the road to chase a ball or climb a fence they had no way of getting down from.  I worked really hard to keep them safe, and besides a few broken bones (which happened when I wasn’t looking!) I think I did a pretty good job.


Now they are teenagers they are faced with new threats, which they remain similarly unaware of.  They think they know about cyber bullying, sexting, pornography, identity theft and the like, but they really haven’t Continue Reading >>

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Important Lessons a Mum Can Teach Her Son Today

Teaching our children values is arguably the most important role we have as parents. When it comes to our sons nothing is further from the truth. Our son’s perception of women and the relationships he has with them will set the foundation for his life. You play a big role in determining how he sees and treats the women.  The crazy part is that most of the time we are unconsciously teaching them.  Our actions are powerful.  Here are 3 lessons that mothers teach their sons everyday without knowing it.

1. A women’s primary role is to care for a Continue Reading >>

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Youth Excel’s Annual Fundraiser Dinner

Hello Everybody

This year has been such a rewarding year. For those who have been following our progress, you will know we have established Youth Excel’s first psychology, counselling and mentoring centre.  We now have 45 families each week receiving holistic, family centred support…and the results speak for themselves.

To celebrate our success and share our vision for the upcoming year, Youth Excel will be holding a fundraising dinner on the 27th of November (7pm) at the Youth Excel Centre.  We would love you to join us for a night of silent auctions, sensational food and real Continue Reading >>