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I Want to be Independent

Anyone who has a teenager will relate to these three diary entries in some way.  You will recognize the demands for freedom, the cry for total independent and the undertone that says, “Don’t you dare try and tell me what to do!”  Take heart today. I have mentored hundreds of young people over the year and most of them come through it just fine!

180624-dear-diary-teenage-girls-share-their-diaries-as-part-of-international-projectDear Diary 1

I can’t breathe in this house.  LITERALLY!  I am suffocating! My parents just won’t leave me alone. I can’t do anything without them knowing.  They watch me like a hawk with evil eyes! Continue Reading >>

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Merry Christmas from Youth Excel


Hi Everyone

Firstly, I would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I sincerely pray that Youth Excel has been a blessing to your family this year and that your load has been a little lighter because of our services.

I trust everyone received our feedback survey via email last week.  I hope it will give you an opportunity to give me some direct anonymous feedback on our staff and services. Please use it as an opportunity to highlight an area we can improve or send some direct thanks and praise to Continue Reading >>

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Five Questions I Ask My Own Teenagers

When my kids were small, they lived life blissfully unaware of any potential danger around them. They would run onto the road to chase a ball or climb a fence they had no way of getting down from.  I worked really hard to keep them safe, and besides a few broken bones (which happened when I wasn’t looking!) I think I did a pretty good job.


Now they are teenagers they are faced with new threats, which they remain similarly unaware of.  They think they know about cyber bullying, sexting, pornography, identity theft and the like, but they really haven’t Continue Reading >>

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