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An event’s success comes down to the quality of speakers involved. If they are dynamic, the event feels worthwhile. If they are ordinary, you risk feeling let down. We therefore understand the research that goes into selecting speakers for your school or professional event and hope this page provides a reference of Michelle’s unique ability to engage an audience. Thank you for taking the time to review Michelle’s services.


Michelle speaks to Professionals, Parents, Upper Primary and High School Students. Her most commonly requested presentations are based around Sexual Health, Cyber Safety, Bullying and helping young people develop their own Moral Compass.

Michelle commonly delivers:

• Primary Sexual Health & Cyber Safety Curriculum
• Secondary School Presentations
• Parent Information Nights – Managing Disrespect, Social Media and Sexuality
• Professional Development for the Education and Youth Sector


Primary Sexual Health and Cyber Safety Curriculum

“Michelle delivered the best sexual health lessons I have seen in my 20 years of teaching. She showed such a genuine interest in the students while she delivered entertaining, visually engaging, accurate information. Her presentation took the fear out of the subject matter and made it fun. I without hesitation recommend the program.”

Rick Herd – Year 7 Teacher, Patricks Road State School

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This highly acclaimed Upper Primary Curriculum offers age appropriate, medically accurate sexual health education that transfers values to students. Youth Excel’s Primary Sexual Health Curriculum aims to:

• Give children medically accurate sexual health information
• Emphasise values that underpin healthy sexuality
• Focus on cyber safety – a major sex educator in children’s world
• Offer age appropriate information so children are neither misinformed or overexposed
• Be sensitive to the diverse range of maturity in each classroom
• Involve parents in the process
• Prepare students for high school

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Secondary School Presentations

“For many years Michelle has made a vital contribution to our Sexual Health Day at Grace Lutheran College. Our students have felt understood, respected and motivated to make better choices online and in real life through her warm, humorous and engaging manner. We very much value Michelle and her ability to communicate about such a sensitive subject in a way that hits the mark for even our most difficult of listeners.”

Dale Dearman – Student Counsellor, Grace Lutheran College

After 13 years of speaking in Secondary Schools Michelle is well equipped to engage assemblies, year levels or small groups on a broad range of topics. She enjoys partnering with schools to customise her presentations or consulting with schools to write specialised life skills programs. Below are a list of Michelle’s most commonly requested presentations and programs. Please feel free to email Michelle if you have a presentation requests outside of these themes:

• Sexuality and Cyber Safety – Beliefs that Drive Risky Online Behaviour
• Cyber Safety – Common Mistakes That Young People Make Online
• Leaving a Your Life Legacy – Developing Your Own Moral Compass
• Sexuality – Get Informed
• GIRLS EXCEL – small group program for “at risk” students

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Parent Information Nights

“I was thoroughly impressed by Michelle’s engaging manner and grounded wisdom.We enjoyed a terrific evening of good practical advice on parenting.”

Robyn Bell, Principal Cannon Hill Anglican College

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Michelle’s information nights will have parents laughing out loud, nodding and most importantly, going home with strategies to implement in their home. These presentations are for parents who want to know what really goes on in the world of teenagers, as Michelle doesn’t pull any punches. She uses real life examples, including social media screen shots and case studies to give parents insights into their teenager’s world. Her three parent presentation nights are titled:

• Conquering Social Media
• Understanding Teenage Sexuality
• Managing Disrespect in the Home
 Understanding Self-Harm


You can find out where Michelle is presenting next by following her on Facebook or checking her Events Calendar

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Professional Development
Michelle has developed a whole day personal development program which she presents to the education and youth service sector as a member of Compass Speaking and Training Services

Some of the topics Michelle covers during this in-service include:

• The Inside Story Concept
• Stages of Adolescent Development
• The Science of the Developing Brain
• Managing Disrespect at School and Home
• Cyber Safety and Your Role as a Professional
• Teenage Sexuality and its Impact on Learning
• Helping Young People Develop their Own Moral Compass

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