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Boys and Aggression

Questions Boys Ask About Physical Aggression

Many years ago my two primary school aged sons and I witnessed a very public domestic violence incident at a local supermarket.  A male and female were furiously fighting over who would take two young children home with them.  All the commotion had attracted a huge crowd of people, many

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Even If…and Other Conversations to Combat Anxiety

There really is an anxiety epidemic impacting today’s young ones. Anxiety is the most common mental health issue they face, making up about half of all mental illness in our country. Interestingly, 7.7% of girls aged 12 – 17-year-old have a diagnosed anxiety disorder. Everywhere I go parents and teachers

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Is Snooping Ok? My Answer to a Common Parenting Dilemma

I recently received this question from a mum who found herself in a dilemma after snooping: ‘I read my daughter’s journal a few days ago, and I found out that she was self-harming. I was SO SHOCKED!!! She has been using my nail scissors in the bathroom which always go

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