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Facing Cancer: How We Coped as a Family

It’s the shock of the diagnosis. It’s the unknowns. It’s the instant shift of priorities. It’s the tiny, unavoidable practicalities. It’s the kids. It’s a LOT about the kids! It’s the fear of losing someone who you have wrapped your life around. It’s facing mortality. It’s feeling so out of

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mental health

Handling Life Like a Man: The Unique Way Self-Harm Impacts Boys

Most studies suggest females participate in self-harm at higher rates than males. The Child and Adolescent Self-Harm in Europe CASE Study, which surveyed over 30 000 mainly fifteen and sixteen year old’s, suggests approximately 8% of females as opposed to 5% of males deliberately self-harm. The Self-harm and Suicide in

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Five More Squats: How to Help Kids Win in the Game of Life

Resilience enables our children to be strong and healthy after a difficulty. You may have heard people refer to it as the ‘bounce back’ factor which allows children to recover from trauma or hardship.  Yet, cultivating resilience isn’t just about what children do in the difficult times. It is more

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Even If…and Other Conversations to Combat Anxiety

There really is an anxiety epidemic impacting today’s young ones. Anxiety is the most common mental health issue they face, making up about half of all mental illness in our country. Interestingly, 7.7% of girls aged 12 – 17-year-old have a diagnosed anxiety disorder. Everywhere I go parents and teachers

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