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Edition 2: TOP PICK Resources for Tweens and Teens during COVID-19

This week I have again gathered THE BEST resources for tweens and teens that I can find. I have chosen the following categories: General parenting during COVID-19 Purposeful conversations Things to entertainment  Things to keep tweens and teens moving  Connecting during isolation  Child protection during this time (PROFESSIONALS PLEASE READ THIS

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Five More Squats: How to Help Kids Win in the Game of Life

Resilience enables our children to be strong and healthy after a difficulty. You may have heard people refer to it as the ‘bounce back’ factor which allows children to recover from trauma or hardship.  Yet, cultivating resilience isn’t just about what children do in the difficult times. It is more

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Eight Things You Can Do To Help Your Daughter Love Her Body

Here are two emails I recently received which share parents’ concerns about their daughter’s body image. Hello Michelle, Love your blog and have your book, thank you. I have an adorable 12 year old daughter and she is starting to have doubts about her appearance just as she leaves for

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Standing Alone: The Ultimate Superpower

It is normal for pre-teens and teens to experience a rollercoaster ride of friendship highs and lows as they search for their place in the world. (Heck, can’t you remember the revolving pecking order in middle school!) But, the friendship experience is definitely more challenging for some than others. The

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