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Understanding Consent 

preparation for life and partying responsibly 

Previously live streamed to 10,000 young people across Australia through Generation Next’s Youth Conference, this presentation is ideal for Year 12 students leaving school and entering into their next phase of life. It can however be adjusted to suit younger audiences who are developing values to guide their decisions regarding sex.  It incorporates video footage and a live online poll to help shape values and ideas about consent and discusses the importance knowing your own voice and identifying healthy boundaries in relationships.  After this presentation, young people will be able to define with clarity what consent is and what it is not, and how to party responsibly.

This presentation includes:
• What consent is and what it is not
• Who can and can’t consent
• Legalities around sexual abuse and rape
• Safe and unsafe environments
• Self-protection strategies
• The risks of mixing alcohol or drugs with sexual activity
• Partying responsibly
• Support people and learning from mistakes

Duration: 50-minute session plus Q and A time

Recommended audience: Year 9 – Year 12

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