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Hello Parents

Thanks for click through to learn more about this new resource which is helping thousand of parents and tweens communicate about friendships. 

As a teacher I know how critical social resilience is to tween’s wellbeing and education. Maybe your child is enjoying strong friendships, but you want to boost their confidence?  Maybe they are struggling socially, and you want to support them better? Either way, this set of ten videos are my opportunity to speak directly to your tween.

The Everyday Video Series has been specifically designed to help young people (aged 8-12) develop healthy friendships and handle tricky friendship issues like meanness, gossip, peer pressure. A full overview of each video is below. 

Each animated video is 3 – 4 minutes in length, which collectively makes them about 40 minutes of viewing.  They are so fun to watch, and it’s great use of screen time. We are finding that tweens are returning to them for guidance again and again. I could have only hoped that tweens would engage with them the way they have. 

In this exclusive social media offer you be able to purchase these for 50% off the RRP.  Simply click the buy now button and it will take you directly to the Michelle Mitchell website. If you are keen to learn more, keep scrolling. Let me give you a peak at what is inside, and how they are helping young lives.

After purchasing this online product, you will automatically receive an email containing your unique password access. This will give you lifetime access and you will be able to watch the videos as often as you wish. They are suitable for your tween to watch with or without you. They are also ideal for classroom use.

For more products in this series check out – The Everyday Resilience Journal and the parent book Everyday Resilience: Helping Kids Deal With Friendship Drama, Academic Pressure and the Self-Doubt of Growing Up.

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to your cart at a DISCOUNTED PRICE.

Usually $60 AUD. Now $30 AUD

For a limited time only!

What will they learn?

The Everyday Resilience Video Series is jam-packed full of concepts and strategies that young people can implement immediately.

Session 1: Meet Father Dave

This session uses a story about a boy named Dave to talk about what a good friend “looks like”, how they can be a good friend, and also stick up for other people without creating enemies for themselves.

Session 2: Push Back with Truth

Meanness is something that all our children encounter. This session talks about the difference between pushing back with truth rather than pushing back with meanness. Sometimes strong words are important.

Session 3: Find Tricks to Combat Meanness

One size doesn’t fit all situations. Pushing back with truth is not the only strategy that young people can use to combat meanness. This session talks about five other strategies that need to be a part of their social toolbox.

Session 4: Handle Gossip Like a Pro

Gossip is when mean or untrue words are passed on to other people. This session talks about four ways to respond to gossip well, without correcting or directing peers, or starting fights.

Session 5: Stand Alone

It takes a huge amount of courage to stand alone. However, we need to recognise that standing alone is an important part of growing up. Learning to enjoy your own company is a decision. Think of it like treading water. It is not ideal long term, but in the short term it can be a lifesaver.

Session 6: Handle Disappointments Well

Not being invited to a party or being put into a different classroom group than your friends are both things that can be highly disappointing. Identifying the real and the ideal, looking ahead and asking yourself “what’s next” are all important skills to have in life.

Session 7: Welcome New People

Social cliques limit our children’s social experiences. We all miss out on great opportunities when we aren’t open to including or welcoming new people. This session gives young people tools to be friendly to “all”.

Session 8: Say No When You Need To

Sometimes people want to be friends with us more than we want to be friends with them. Sometimes people are making choices that we feel uncomfortable with. It takes practice to say “no”. This session helps young people understand that they can be friends with someone and say “no” at the same time.

Session 9: Avoid Carrying Friend’s Problems Home

What do we do when our friends are going through a hard time? Good friends listen, but good friends shouldn’t carry their friend’s problems home. It takes a huge amount of maturity to do this. This session is designed to help kind children be kind to themselves while taking care of others.

Session 10: Celebrate Other People

Comparisons aren’t always a bad thing. Sometimes they give us accurate information about our strengths, weaknesses and character. This session uses a story about two girls to explain the importance of finding your own talents, and adding hard work to them in order to achieve dreams. It also talks about the importance of celebrating other people’s efforts.


what people are saying

It really helped me a lot, and its funny and fun to watch. Where did you get the backpack from. Because it’s funny. Thank you for the video series and the book. It really helped me a lot.
Cooper R 

My gorgeous 8-year-old Allie had some pretty serious BFF issues at the end of last term, your journal and videos have helped so much.
Jodie P

Hi Michelle, It’s Alexia, Chaplain from Ferny Grove. I purchased your video clips and they have been amazing!! I have been using them with Year 4 students, started last week with some Year 5 students and doing little half hour sessions on certain topics. I have taken it to Bardon at my other school and done the whole cohort of Year 3’s over the last 7 weeks with this material. It has grown my confidence, and I feel a lot more empowered with what I’m doing as a result. I’ve been encouraging mums to buy the books and pointing them to your blog. Thank you so much.
Alexia W

I purchased this last week for my 9-year-old daughter and we are reading it together. It has opened so many channels of conversation – including with my 12-year-old who walked by when we were reading and said, “Can I listen to this mum?”  Worth every cent just for the chance to talk about what goes on in their daily lives.
Lisa M

I purchased the everyday resilience journal for my 9-year-old daughter because she was having problems with some of the girls at school. Thank you so much for a wonderful resource. My daughter was so enthusiastic when we starting reading the book because she could relate to the content. My daughter has shown her teacher and her teacher said the book was such a great resource, so now my daughter is allowed to read the book in class during free reading time. Thank you for bringing confidence to my daughter.
Lisa R

11-year-old grandson loves it. He has had it a few hours and is already reading quotes to me.
Tricia W

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usually $60 AUD. Now $30 AUD

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