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Building Strong Self-Esteem

the key to social resilience

At the very core of resilience is strong self-esteem, but few teens understand how self-esteem is developed. In this presentation, students will explore the concepts of healthy attachment, choice and joy, and its impact on their school experience. This presentation provides proven and practical strategies to strengthen their own self-esteem while investing into the self-esteem of others.  It aims to help students reduce dramas, increase social resilience and social options.

This presentation includes:
• Why resilience is essential in relationships
• Research based information on how self-esteem is built
• The impact of healthy attachment and friendship choices on self-esteem
• Creating a culture of belonging at school
• “In” groups and “out” groups and how to move between both
• Why standing alone is the ultimate brave move
• The key difference between choice and rebellion
• Three things that determine our levels of joy
• Why gratitude helps us solve problems

Duration: 50-minute session plus Q and A time

Recommended audience: Middle school

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