Middle School Curriculum

Partnering with Schools and parents to prepare young lives

The journey of adolescents is full of moral decisions, challenges and learning opportunities, all of which have a far-reaching impact on school culture and academic performance.

Michelle’s Healthy Relationships curriculum is designed to specifically invest into the decision-making processes that students can utilise when interacting with others.  It aims to work preventatively, practically, and addresses sexual health, relationship strategies as well as personal identity and growth.

This curriculum was originally developed in consultation with a dedicated student support services and school principals who wanted to ensure that values and healthy relationships underpinned their school culture. 

This curriculum can be tailor made to the suit the needs of your school.  Amongst other things it aims to:

• Offer age appropriate, accurate medical and statistical information
• Deliver content in an engaging and relatable way
• Emphasise the values that underpin healthy relationships
• Address cyber safety as a major sex educator in a child’s world
• Ensure children are neither overexposed nor misinformed
• Be sensitive to the diverse range of maturity in each classroom
• Involve parents and communities in the process
• Prepare children for the real pressures they will face in high school

middle school curriculum content

The middle school (Year 7 – 9) program contains one or two presentations per year level. Content aims to build from year to year, allowing progression of ideas and values. Content may also be delivered to single gender audiences. The most commonly requested presentations are as follows:

Year 7:
• Handling Stress and Anxiety 
• Building Strong Self-esteem

Year 8:

• The Teenage Brain
• The Impact of Pornography

Year 9:

• Consent and Partying Responsibly 
• Wise Online Choices

Parent Night

This curriculum is accompanied by a parent night which provides parents with the opportunity to discuss and ask questions about the curriculum. Schools are welcome to choose one of the topics from Michelle’s parent presentations as an additional focus of the night. 

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