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Cover of the book Parenting Girls in the Age of a New Normal. Has an image of a teen girl blowing a handful of purple glitter towards the camera.

Parenting Teenage Girls in the Age of a New Normal

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I wanted to write a book that made parents feel like they were literally sitting in my office, talking to me about their young person and (most importantly) walking away with the help they needed. This book talks about the topics I find parents are most concerned about – disrespect, social media, moods, sexuality, drugs, alcohol and partying responsibly.  

Entitlement. Irregular emotions. Obsession with social media. Premature discovery of sex. These are just a few of the issues that parents raising a new generation of girls are dealing with. As a parent, navigating a healthy relationship with your child during these teen years can be challenging if you don’t have the proper tools to communicate.

In this book, Parenting Teenage Girls In The Age of a New Normal parenting expert and author Michelle Mitchell draws upon decades of experience working with teenage girls and provides her unique parenting strategies in response to the biggest issues impacting this generation of girls, such as: bullying, social media, sexuality, disrespect, drugs, and anxiety.

Featuring straight forward advice that really works, Parenting Teenage Girls In The Age of a New Normal book is a practical and empowering resource to help foster stronger relationships between parents and their teens and pre-teens.

10 of my favourite pages

Page 4. This page gives parents a research based overview of the issues young girls are facing. In each subsequent chapter, you will find the latest statistics impacting teenage girls.

Page 26. The 10 SECOND RULE. This strategy explains why kids “zone out” when parents start talking, and helps you trim your words for maximum impact.

Page 29. My all-time favourite strategy which I often talk about at my parent nights. It’s called SOFT AND CLOSE. This strategy can change the tone in your home immediately.

Page 31. You’ll find my WINNING FORMULA to help boost confidence in girls. This strategy will help you know when to “let go” and when to “step in”. 

Page 41. This section talks about payback jobs – when to use them, when not to use them, and why you need a Plan B.

Page 71. Promise me you will set up social media well. My ‘Crystal Clear Agreement’ is just as much for you as for your young person. You will find my opinion on reasonable boundaries for technology time. 

Page 87. Have you caught your daughter sexting?  Do you want to prevent your daughter sexting?  I’ll tell you exactly what to say and do. THIS IS A MUST READ.

Page 144. I’ll give you some down-to-earth strategies for young people struggling with anxiety, self-harm and even just a plain old bad day!

Page 145. This section gives parents a breakdown of what is going on inside of a girl’s brain during puberty. 

Page 170. This strategy is called HIT AND RUN PRAISE and anyone who lives or works with teens can use it. I suggest that you give them a genuine compliment and then keep walking. Don’t pause, wait for their feedback or stay around and wait for a reaction or eye roll. Catch them off guard. Hit and run it.

what others are saying about this book

Michelle Mitchell has been working with girls for a long time and in her latest book she explores in depth the changing landscape of parenting, especially for girls. Michelle explores the biggies – disrespect, social media, sexuality, moods and drugs and alcohol. She offers the stats and anecdotes and practical suggestions – the things that parents and educators need. If you live with or work with girls – aged 10+ this is an excellent resource.
Maggie Dent, Author, Educator and Parenting Specialist

This is a book well worth readying. I love Michelle’s style and very practical approach.
Collette Smart, Psychologist

Michelle’s insight and knowledge about teenagers and their experiences have been documented in this valuable resource for parents.  Parents will find this book practical and sensible, whilst being loving and understanding – a perfect mix for bringing up today’s teenage girls. We highly recommend Michelle’s expertise to parents who are embarking on these challenging years.
Carmel Nash, Director of QLD Parents & Friends Federation, Catholic Education

Michelle has a way of telling parents how it is, why it is and what to do about it! This practical empowerment guide is essential reading for every parent with teens and pre-teens, especially girls.  The passion poured into this book should be enough to get every parent inspired to not just survive, but thrive through the Twilight Zone years!
Dr Robi Sonderegger, Clinical Psychologist

In her new book Michelle delivers a timely reminder that we are entering an unprecedented phase of adolescent turmoil. Never before have young people had such power in their hands yet often lacking the cognitive maturity to make appropriate decisions. Parents can no longer afford to sit on the technological sidelines with their child’s moral and intellectual integrity at stake.  Drawing on many years of personal experience Michelle offers parents many clear, relevant and proven insights to guide their teenagers through these uncharted waters.  The time to up-skill has arrived and this book will provide timely reassurance for anxious parents everywhere.
Dale Dearman, Head of Student Support (Grace Lutheran College)

I stand in awe of Michelle’s incredible energy, passion and relentless desire to empower our girls. Her latest book contains real life stories, relevant advice and researched facts that will assist parents in the roller coaster ride of parenting a teenager. As a mother of girls and a women’s health care professional for over twenty years, Michelle’s book is one you do not want to miss.
Karen Spatuzzo, Registered Nurse / Mother of Teenage Girls

I have read a lot of parenting books that made me feel that we were maybe doing things wrong, maybe not doing enough or even possibly doing too much?!?!  Michelle’s book was different. I found myself nodding the whole time. At times, I read with a lump in my throat thinking, “We aren’t the only ones and we are doing lots of things right!”  I also picked up a lot of insightful tips and strategies I could put to use straight away and some I have stored away for when I might need them (hopefully I never need them!!!) 
Stephanie Foster, Parent of three