MIchelle's new book 'TWEENS' is here!

Parenting Teenagers

A Practical Approach to This Generation

Entitlement. Irregular emotions. Obsession with social media. Premature discovery of sex. These are just a few of the issues that parents raising a new generation are dealing with. As a parent, navigating a healthy relationship with your son or daughter can be challenging if you don’t have the proper tools to communicate.

This presentation includes:
• The stages of development that all teenagers experience
• National statistics revealing the new culture our teenagers are living in
• The importance of realistic expectations
• The “he and she should” conversations we all have
• Why connection is your only influence
• How to teach respect for your time and money
• Vital conversations about mood swings and overwhelming emotions
• Setting up social media so it lasts the rockiest of the teen years
• Why sass isn’t bad and how to best direct it

Duration: 50-minute session plus Q and A time

Recommended audience: Parents of teens

Presentation Feedback

We were lucky enough to have Michelle speak to our parent community and it was such a positive and uplifting event. People walked away feeling good about what they were already doing but also armed with really practical ways to address issues that they weren’t sure how to handle. I would thoroughly recommend Michelle for speaking, not only to parents, but also to students. Thanks Michelle!
Natalie Doherty, St Joseph’s Primary School P & C President

Tonight was a reality check for parents of teenagers! A highly recommended presentation for every parent who wants to know what really goes on in their teenager’s world.”
Karen McCord, Senior School Principal Meridian College

Michelle you were amazing to say the least. I didn’t want you to stop. SO engaging, so real and so genuine.
Cassie Veigt (Mother)

Michelle was outstanding. I could completely relate to what she was speaking about.
Leo Fitzpatrick (Mother)

Michelle has changed the way that I parent. She helped me regain a loving and respectful relationship with my daughter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Peta Wright (Mother)

Cover of the book Parenting Girls in the Age of a New Normal. Has an image of a teen girl blowing a handful of purple glitter towards the camera.

About the Book

I wanted to write a book that made parents feel like they were literally siting in my office, talking to me about their young person and (most importantly) walking away with the help they needed. This book talks about the topics I find parents are most concerned about – disrespect, social media, moods, sexuality, drugs, alcohol and partying responsibly.