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Self Harm Audio Presentation

$9.99 AUD

If you have a child that is struggling with self-harm, I want to remind you that you are your child’s greatest advantage. What you do and how you respond matters.

This 42-minute audio session will help parents understand and respond to self harm. It is full of strategies and tips on what to do if your child, or someone you know is self harming or you suspect may be self harming.

Once you purchase you will be emailed a link where you can download and listen.

This audio session is an accompaniment to the parent book “Self-Harm: Why Teens Do It and What Parents Can Do to Help”, also available in the shop.

what others are saying about this presentation

Delegates at the Resilient Kids Conference were inspired and encouraged sitting under Michelle’s teaching. Her relational style combined with her depth of wisdom and experience connects the room powerfully. Michelle tackles a difficult discussion with an intentionally inclusive and equipping voice. Michelle is a true power-house on her topic, yet with an engaging and gentle heart.

Janet Nyhouse | Resilient Kids Conference Event Manager

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