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Hello Event Organiser

Michelle is an award winning speaker, who shares insightful and memorable stories that come from more than 20 years of experience working with families.  Evidence based in her approach, she loves to present on the topics of family, wellbeing and teenage culture.  We’d love to hear about your next big event idea!


We highly recommend Michelle’s expertise. She is practical and sensible, whilst being loving and understanding – a perfect mix for bringing up today’s tweens and teens.
Carmel Nash
Executive Director – Queensland Parents & Friends Federation, Catholic Education

Delegates at the Resilient Kids Conference were inspired and encouraged sitting under Michelle’s teaching. Her relational style combined with her depth of wisdom and experience connects the room powerfully. Michelle tackles a difficult discussion with an intentionally inclusive and equipping voice. Michelle is a true power-house on her topic, yet with an engaging and gentle heart.  
Resilient Kids Conference Event Manager