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Managing Stress & Anxiety

The IMportance of setbacks in the quest to grow up

Although anxiety is a normal human experience, teenagers often lack the tools to work through strong and overwhelming emotions.  This presentation will help students understand that stress and set backs are a natural part of their journey.  They will gain a greater understanding of how their brain responds to threats, and the ways anxiety can affect people, including their friends and parents. Most importantly, they will explore school and home specific strategies they can use when they feel overwhelmed.

This presentation includes:
• The relationships between stress and growth
• Things that typically stress young people
• How the brain responds to threat
• Unique ways that stress shows up in our body, mind and emotions
• Unhealthy escapes, and why fighting and avoiding works against us
• The importance of calm in being brave
• Strategies for school and home

Duration: 50-minute session plus Q and A

Recommended audience: Middle school

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