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This image is the book cover for The Everyday Resilience Journal. It is light blue with hand-drawn colourful illustrations scattered around the book title text. The illustrations include headphones, a skateboard, nail polish, a hair brush, and a sandwich.

Everyday Resilience Journal

$24.99 AUD

One thing that many people don’t know about me is that I started my career as a Primary School teacher. In those early years I got to see first-hand the daily challenges that young people faced as they navigated friendships. That is why I am so passionate about equipping young lives before they get to high school.

If you want to build resilience in your tween, you have come to the right place. This is the resource I wish my children had when they were younger.

The Journal offers 40 clever strategies to help tweens with friendship dramas, schoolwork and their confidence. Chapter titles include:  Handling Friendship Stuff, Handling Tough Friendship Stuff, Enjoying the Daily Routine, Understanding Stressful Feelings, Conquering Schoolwork and Homework and Knowing How to Contribute. This book is full of real-life stories, easy to read strategies, journal pages and beautiful illustrations!

This book is ideal for both boys and girls, perfect for ages 8 – 12 years and helps answer questions such as:

• I find maths difficult. How can I enjoy schoolwork more?
• Someone is being mean to me. How can I make them stop?
• Some of my friends are spreading rumours. What shall I do if I hear gossip?
• I didn’t get invited to my friend’s party. How do I handle disappointments?
• My best friend is really sad. How can I help?

This journal is the perfect companion to the parent book “Everyday Resilience: Helping Kids Deal With Friendship Drama, Academic Pressure and the Self-Doubt of Growing Up” and the “The Everyday Resilience Video Series” for tweens, also available in the shop. 


The Everyday Resilience Journal and video series is perfect for Years 5, 6 or 7 classrooms.  
For pricing on bulk orders, please contact: shop@michellemitchell.org

10 of my favourite pages

Page 11. If you ever wondered how to spot a five-star friend, this strategy is for you. I am going to introduce you to Dave, and you might even wish you could meet him.

Page 23. In this section I want to share four strategies to help you handle gossip like a professional. These strategies will help you reduce the drama and create happy environments that everyone can enjoy.

Page 30. Do you know how to say “no” when you need to, without being unkind? No is such an important word to practise saying.

Page 32. Do you know how to care for friends without carrying their problems home? This strategy will help you be a good friend, without losing sleep!

Page 45. This is my all-time favourite strategy that you need to know.  I want to teach you how to respond to meanness by pushing back with truth.

Page 57.  Have you ever had to stand alone?  I’ll tell you about a time when I had to. It was a time when I had to make new friends.

Page 63.  If you have ever felt disappointed because you weren’t invited to a party or because you weren’t included in a conversation. I’ve got some ideas to help you let go of disappointment and ask yourself, “What’s next?”

Page 105. Crazy banana stress-out times are a part of everyone’s lives. This strategy will help you look out for geckos when your “fire alarm” is going off.

Page 121.  Shhhhhh!!! It’s a secret, so be wise with it!  This strategy will help you be really wise with your private information.

Page 175. How are you contributing and showing kindness to people around you? I know some kids your age who have chosen big and small acts of kindness to change their world.

what others are saying about this book

I received my order today and my 11 year old grandson has been in his room reading his resilience journal. I wasn’t sure if he would use it or get into it. He straight away went to the section on friendships and found it useful for some struggles he has with some friends.  A great resource. I can see he will read this and reflect. Thanks 

My gorgeous 8 year old Allie had some pretty serious BFF issues at the end of last term, your journal and videos have helped so much, I can’t wait to chat to you! 

I have just about finishing reading this book and there are so many helpful suggestions my
family is benefiting from already. My 10 year old boy has been working his way through the journal and loving it, he comes to me several times a day saying, Mum it is telling me this and that. He recently changed schools and has struggled to settle into a new friendship group. The tips that he is taking away from the journal alone are filling him with confidence that he will be ok. THANK YOU
Melinda Eastwell

I recently purchased your Everyday Resilience journal for my super savvy 11 year old
daughter. We have read lots of wonderful books and we journal together all the time, but she called me in the other night to tell me how much she loved the journal – her comment
went something like “you know that this book ACTUALLY gives REALLY good advice. I’m
actually going to use it!” So thank you for writing a really authentic journal / book and please know it is sincerely appreciated and used.

My GP recommended your books when I went to see her for these exact issues with my daughter who is struggling. I could have cried with relief when I read your website. I can’t tell you how much better I feel knowing we have this book to support us.
Kim Toia

Key life skills presented in a perfectly relatable style. We will read it as a family and chat
over the themes. I can see some great discussions coming out of it. Grateful to you.
Karyn Wright

We love it. Just starting reading it on a day we were feeling overwhelmed and couldn’t go to
school…perfect timing.
Ang N Larry

Received our book today and my 13 year old is enjoying it. Got his highlighter and pen
taking notes.
Donna Low

A month ago we brought the everyday resilience journal for our 9 year old. We have found
it has drawn out some meaningful conversations, but also created space for personal
reflection and an opportunity to privately, or as a family de-brief and discussion. This is a direct
quote from Levi, “I feel good when I finish writing. Even when I write bad things from my
day, by the time I’m finished I feel good again.”
Kirsty Emily

11 year old grandson loves it. Has had it a few hours and is already reading quotes to me.
Tricia Williams

My daughter is loving the journal (and has highlighted almost every word she’s read so far).
I also purchased the video series and she’s (we’re) loving them also. They are sinking in and
she’s remembering and so much appreciating what she is learning (so am I!) Looking at this
together has also improved our relationship. She’s feeling like I’m listening to her needs and
spending time together is so helpful. Thank you!
Kimberley McPhee

It is proving completely wonderful and we’ve only had it 24 hours!
Loren Healthcote Taylor

I purchase the everyday resilience journal for my 9 year old daughter because she was
having problems with some of the girls at school. Thank you so much for a wonderful resource. My daughter was so enthusiastic when we started reading the book because she could relate to the content. My daughter has shown her teacher and her teacher said the book was such a great resource so now my daughter is allowed to read the book in class during free reading time. Thank you for bringing confidence to my daughter.

Thank you for the Everyday Resilience Journal. My little Hannah has had a rough time and this journal has been an absolute gift. I purchased this last week for my 9 year old daughter and we are reading it together. It has opened so many channels of conversations – including with my 12 year old who walked by when we were reading and said, “Can I listen to this mum?” Worth every cent just for the chance to talk about what goes on in their daily lives.
Lisa Mennie

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