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Tricky Friendship Days Bundle for Schools

$250.00 AUD/ 12 Months Access

Transform your classroom culture with Michelle’s Ten Guiding Principles for friendships!  These three interactive webinars are super practical, and offer strategies that tweens can apply immediately. 

This bundle contains a trio of Michelle’s online presentations, specifically designed for tweens aged 8 – 12. Each presentation is interactive, super practical, and offers actionable strategies that are based on Michelle’s Ten Guiding Principles for Friendships. Perfect for creating a culture of courage and care in classrooms, sports groups or to support counselling.

Tricky Friendship Days: PRESENTATION 1

Item 1 in this bundle is Handling Tricky Friendship Days: Part 1.

Michelle uses the Ten Guiding Principles to answer these questions: 

* How do I handle someone who ignores me and then wants to be my friend?
* If your friend is mean to you multiple times, how do I trust the and make sure they won’t be mean to be again?
* How do you navigate groups of 3?
* What do I do when I am not invited to playdates and sleepovers?
* How do I respond to whispering? 
* There is a girl who excludes me but I would like to be friends with her. Is there a way I can change her mind? 

Tricky Friendship Days: Presentation 2

Item 2 in this bundle is Handling Tricky Friendship Days: Part 2 

Michelle uses the Ten Guiding Principles to answer these questions: 

* How do I manage groups of threes and being in the middle?
* What do you do when a friendship traps you?
* How do I cope with being left-out online?
* Someone took my friend from me. What do I do?
* How can I be more confident?
* What to do with eye rolls from my friends?

Tricky Friendship Days: Presentation 3

Item 3 in this bundle is Handling Tricky Friendship Days: Part 3 

Michelle uses the Ten Guiding Principles to answer these questions: 

  • Peer pressure – How to respond when people ask you to do something that feels uncomfortable
  • How to set boundaries while building trust in a relationship – MASSIVE for our kids to learn 
  • Starting a new school or making new friendships – I know so many are anticipating high school or are transitioning back to school after extended lockdowns. 
  • Desperate moves people make in order to control you or a situation – AND how to respond
  • How to deal with a friend who is jealous you are spending time with someone else

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This Bundle is available to schools and organisations on a yearly subscription. Once purchased, you will get  twelve months of school wide access. 

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what parents are saying

I just wanted to pass on how much we loved your Everyday Resilience Journal. My 9yo and I read it together each night and had many amazing lightbulb moments together.  We refer to it daily still (3 months after we finished it). 
Lisa M

Thank you Michelle for an inspiring and helpful webinar. All your advice was spot on for what my daughter has been experiencing with her friendships and I can honestly say that for me too as things are similar with some mums of the group. Thank you so much for your knowledge and expertise. PS. My daughter regularly consults her resilience journal to help navigate these situations.  
Jane D 

Thanks so much Michelle, I got it! My kids have been telling me their Friendship troubles from last year over these last few days in the lead up to school, so we’ve already watched a few episodes. Such a great conversation starter and they feel empowered already!! I also rang a friend straight away to get her sons onto it. I also ordered two of your books (resilience journal and boys puberty guide) and I’m so excited to receive them. I’m so thankful that I found you, I already feel like a more capable parent. Keep up the great work, I’m forever grateful! 
Ellie M