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What Teenage Girls Don't Tell Their Parents

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As a parent you know that your ‘child’ is not just another teenager, struggling to grow up. She is your daughter. That in itself makes her the most unique and important teenager in the world. But when your sweet little girl suddenly stops talking, won‘t do anything you tell her to do, and starts dressing like she stepped out of a celebrity magazine, you start wondering what went wrong.

Michelle Mitchell has spent the last 10 years day-in, day-out, listening and talking with teenage girls about their lives, loves, hates and hopes. In this book she reveals that its what your daughter isn’t telling you rather than what she does tell you that matters the most.

Featuring an engaging and fresh voice, this book is full of straightforward advice in a complicated world. Its honesty, reality and practicality is ably illustrated by the many real anecdotes from teenagers themselves about their hectic everyday lives.

what's inside


Before We Begin

What to Expect in This Book

Chapter 1. Never judge a book by its cover.

Chapter 2. Did I say I hate you? (I really do love you)

Chapter 3. I don’t care what you think! (I want your approval)

Chapter 4.She’s my best friend forever. (I want to be treated better)

Chapter 5. Why don’t you trust me? (I want you to protect me)

Chapter 6.I have nothing to wear! (I want to feel beautiful)

Chapter 7. No one understands what I’m going through. (I need help to deal with the pain)

Chapter 8. It’s all your fault. (I know I can’t blame you)