Talking Tech with Tweens and Teens Webinar

Guiding Adolescence

$25.00 AUD

In this webinar, Dr Vanessa is going to take centre stage as we talk about the importance of setting boundaries without damaging their spirit. This webinar will be insightful, challenging, and offer you some solid takeaways to help you understand your role in your child’s life. 

The idea that our kids need to disconnect from us as they grow, is a destructive myth that I am passionate about dispelling!  What our kids actually need is tailor-made guidance, that is packaged in a slightly different way than when they were little. 

This webinar will talk about HOW to be the big, trusting adult in a tween or teen’s life, especially when they are pushing you away.  My special guest Dr Vanessa is gorgeously insightful, and this webinar is going to put her centre stage to answer questions like: 

  • How to provide direction and feedback without damaging their spirit. 
  • The role of TRUST and how to foster it. 
  • The importance of flexibility. 
  • Three key times when it’s important to show up for them.
  • Growing ourselves up while growing them up. PS. This is about handling conflict. 
  • Practical ideas to help our teens feel secure in their topsy-turvy world.

I’d also invite you to submit your connection questions on registration, as I will be going live with you at about 8.40pm to answer those, and continue to unpack the content Dr Vanessa shared. (Please note: DR Vanessa will not be present due to our time zone differences.)


Webinar details: 1 hour (40 mins with Dr Vanessa, followed by 20 minutes Q and A with Michelle)
Cost: $25.00 AUD


This webinar is for parents of teens (yes, both boys and girls). It is for private home use. However, if you are a school wanting to play this webinar as a professional developmental experience please contact our team at  shop@michellemitchell.org


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Cost: $25.00 AUD which includes lifetime access to replay. 


Michelle Mitchell is an award-winning speaker, and best selling parenting author with a very special interest in the area of tween and teens. She has been termed ‘the teenage expert’ by the media and is sought after for her compassionate and grounded advise.  Michelle started her career as a teacher, but soon discovered a special interest in wellbeing. She left teaching in 2000 to found Youth Excel, a ‘boutique’ health promotion charity which delivered tailor made life skills programs and psychological services to thousands of young people and their families. Today she uses her 25 years hands-on experience to write and speak in schools, community events and through media.

I’m Dr. Vanessa, a Registered Psychologist, author, parenting educator, and mom to two. From my work with parents and children – and from being a mom – I have developed a keen understanding of the powerful connection between healthy child development and the parent-child or “big-person”- child relationship. Through this lens, it is my experience that we can understand everything about the growing child from behaviour to anxiety to brain development. And all the in-between stuff too. While the dominant pop culture of child-raising has left so many big people feeling conflicted with how to grow up kids in the best possible way, I strive to come alongside with empowerment. It is my singular goal that parents, teachers, caregivers, and all the other big people are able to connect with their own expertise and intuition in finding a way through.