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The ‘GPS’ Lady

Ask any teenager. A parent’s voice often sounds like the GPS lady – SO SO ANNOYING!!! But there is an upside! These are some things that impress me about my GPS lady:1. I really need her. I get lost often!2. There is never a time when I am too lost,

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If You Have to Say No: 3 Decision Making Tips

The decisions we make while parenting a tween or teen can be tough, and we all have moments where we second guess ourselves.  We might worry if we are making the ‘right decision’ especially when it comes to hot-button topics like technology, boyfriends and girlfriends, sleepovers and parties. What is

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When a Parent and Teen Don’t Share Common Interests

In this video I want to share three stay-connected strategies that parents can lean on when common interests are missing. But before we get started, I want you to step into your teenager’s shoes for a moment. It is possible that your teenager doesn’t feel bothered by your differences in

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An Interview with Brett Lee about Technology

Brett Lee founded internet safe education in 2008 and has been working tirelessly in schools to educate parents and students about technology.  In this interview Brett share his five step framework for keeping kids safe online. RECOMMENDED READING: For parents of tweens who are wanting to set up social media

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About Michelle

Interview: Getting To Know More About Michelle

Michelle Mitchell is the expert on all things Tweens and Teens. Her talks pack out conferences, schools and she’s always on Media platforms giving advice to parents about how to manage the challenging teen years. Michelle is also all over social media handing out compassionate and practical advice. In this

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Compassion & Social Responsibility

Dave was held in very high esteem by his peers. He was captain of the football team. His 6 foot body frame commanded presence, but he always used his power for the good of others. During this season I would like to ask young people to consider and show up

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Showing Up For Others: The ‘Virtual’ Kitchen Table

I grew up in a ministers home. Many, many people processed their grief at my parent’s kitchen table. It was real and raw, and represented all the things we need right to give each other right now. I want to ask you a few questions – Where is your kitchen

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