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Teenage Girls: A podcast episode with Maggie Dent

Teenage girls — it can be a tricky time when you’re not sure if your daughter likes or loathes you. But here’s the thing, she needs you now more than ever. Maggie Dent talks with educator and parenting author Michelle Mitchell about what girls most need from their parents to

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Unpacking Life: An Interview with Timothy Charles at 96.5fm

I want you to imagine you have a backpack sitting in front of you. It has been in your family for generations, passed down from parent to child. This backpack holds all the characteristics and experiences that distinguish your family. It represents everything you inherited, both consciously and unconsciously. Some

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About Michelle

Everyday Resilience on the Christian O’Connell Show

Thank you to GOLD104.3fm’s The Christian O’Connell Radio Show in Sydney for reviewing my Everyday Resilience books. Patrina Jones, you are such a cool lady and I’m so grateful for your heart to support families. If you want to check any of these resources out, head to my shop.

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self harm

An Interview at 96.5FM with Timothy Long about Self-Harm

When parents first find out that their child is self-harming they usually feel alone. They often come to the conclusion that their child must ‘weird’ or ‘extreme’ and possibly the only one who is struggling in this way. After all, it’s not something that many parents admit to dealing with

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About Michelle

Interview: Getting To Know More About Michelle

Michelle Mitchell is the expert on all things Tweens and Teens. Her talks pack out conferences, schools and she’s always on Media platforms giving advice to parents about how to manage the challenging teen years. Michelle is also all over social media handing out compassionate and practical advice. In this

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All By Myself – Isolation as an Only Child or Sole Parent

Being an only child or single parent can be hard when all your usual social outlets have disappeared into thin air. There is boredom and loneliness and if you’re solo parenting, there can be a heavy load to carry. Maggie Dent and parenting author and educator Michelle Mitchell share some

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