Tricky Friendship Days

building social resilience

Most children experience some level of anxiety and self-doubt as they circumnavigate friendships, and tricky friendship days are considered a very normal part of growing up. However, these experiences only build resilience if children have the tools to navigate them effectively.  This presentation offers actionable strategies that will empower children to overcome social disappointments, diffuse gossip, combat meanness and be a good friend to others.  It features animated video content and stories from children their own age.

This presentation includes:
• The very basics – why belonging matters for all of us.
• How anxiety impacts friendships, including common actions and reactions that turn a bad day into a disaster.
• How to notice when a friend needs to build their brave.
• Brave responses to gossip, meanness, disappointments and conflict.
• Why standing alone is the ultimate brave strategy.
• How to creatively celebrate others and build a culture of courage in your friendship group.

Duration: 50-minute session plus Q and A time

Recommended audience: Delivered in both Year 5 or 6.  

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