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What Teens Need

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I know that parenting a teenager can be tiring, a little stressful and an intense roller-coast of rapid change. I also know that it can also be so rewarding, especially once you understand what teen’s need.  These videos are from a 2-part Webinar that is designed to help parents and carers embrace, connect with and enjoy this stage of life.

As a parent you know that your ‘child’ is not just another teenager. They are yours. That in itself makes them the most unique and important teenager in the world. But when a teenager suddenly stops talking and won’t do anything you request, many parents wonder want went wrong… and lose their confidence. Here’s where this special two-part video presentation can help. 

These videos is designed to help parents and carers embrace, connect with and enjoy this season by understanding what teen’s need.


PART 1:  In this PRE-RECORDED video, Michelle will explore three phases of development, which aim to help parents flow with (and not against) their teenager’s stage of development. She will also offer six practical ways to love a teenager through to adulthood.

This presentation will dive into….

  • The developmental stage we call adolescence.
  • The critical three-year period we often term the ‘tricky teen years’.
  • What teens need from their parents during these years.
  • How to trust the transition and adapt your approach to embrace it. 
  • Why boundaries still matter but have their limitations.
  • Tips to aid communication with emotionally intense teens.
  • Ways to honour this season, nurture resilience and activate potential.
  • Lots of encouragement to parents who are showing up for their kids! 

PART 2: The replay video from a live Q and A webinar session that was guided by questions parents submitted for the live webinar to Michelle.


Upon purchase you will instantly receive links to PART 1 (a pre-recorded 50-minute video) and PART 2 the Q and A session based on questions submitted by parents. These links will be provided in the confirmation email from the online shop.