School Anxiety Webinar

Part 2: Tricky Friendship Days

$20 AUD

In this highly popular Q and A style webinar for tweens, Michelle answers questions about friendship challenges. See below for information about how these webinars are uniquely structured. Part 1 of this series is also available in the shop for purchase. 

Has your tween got a burning question about friendships? I’m here to help out!  Sometimes it is hard to know how to respond to our tweens tricky friendship questions. Other times, they just need to hear it from someone else. This webinar is specifically for both tweens girls and boys (8 – 13). 

Content in this webinar covers:

* More guiding principles to help with daily decisions
* How do I manage groups of threes and being in the middle? * What do you do when a friendship traps you?
* How do I cope with being left-out online?
* Someone took my friend from me. What do I do?
* How can I be more confident?
* What to do with eye rolls from my friends?


This 45 min presentation will be directed to tweens aged 8 – 13. 


Once you purchase, you will automatically receive a confirmation email from our online shop containing a link to view the webinar replay.   If you don’t receive this email, check your junk folder.  If you are still having trouble, we are always here to help at shop@michellemitchell.org


Michelle Mitchell is an award-winning speaker, and best selling parenting author with a very special interest in the area of tween and teens. She has been termed ‘the teenage expert’ by the media and is sought after for her compassionate and grounded advise.  Michelle started her career as a teacher, but soon discovered a special interest in wellbeing. She left teaching in 2000 to found Youth Excel, a ‘boutique’ health promotion charity which delivered tailor made life skills programs and psychological services to thousands of young people and their families. Today she uses her 25 years hands-on experience to write and speak in schools, community events and through media.