New Girl's and Guy's Guide To Puberty Books Available Now.

Preparing for Puberty

A light-hearted and reassuring presentation for tweens

Full of humorous and engaging stories, this presentation is anything but awkward. Michelle will give young people an understanding of emotional and physical changes during puberty, while building an awareness and respect for the opposite sex.  This is one of Michelle’s favourite and most sought-after presentations.

This presentation includes:
• Definition of puberty
• Correct names of body parts and sexual organs
• What age puberty is most likely to start
• The role of the pituitary gland
• Changes in males – production of sperm, pubic hair, growth of body hair, voice breaking, growth spurts, change in body shape
• Changes in females – pubic hair, growth of body hair, growth spurts, change in body shape including breasts, menstruation
• Females during puberty
• Ways students can show respect and consider each other
• Emotions and moods
• Hygiene
• Support people and who to direct questions to

Duration: 50-minute session

Recommended audience: Delivered in both Year 5 or 6. May be delivered as a part of the Upper Primary Sexual Health and Cyber Safety Curriculum or alone. May be delivered to specific genders separately, although Michelle’s preference is to speak to both genders together. 


Michelle delivered the best sexual health lessons I have seen in my 20 years of teaching. She showed a genuine interest in the students while delivering entertaining, visually engaging and accurate information. Her presentation took the fear out of the subject matter and made it fun. I without hesitation recommend the program. 
Rick Herd, Year 5 teacher

Michelle has delivered our sexual health program for over seven years. Coupled with a comprehensive parent information session, the program ticks all the boxes for us, and includes loads of entertaining and educational moments for every student. 
Katie Stubbing, Deputy Principal Ferny Grove State School

Michelle has been working with our students for many years. She provides a balanced, engaging and educational perspective that is perfectly pitched for year 5 and 6. Our children not only learn about the changes their bodies will undergo, but more importantly, they learn about sound positive values that sit behind human sexuality. Michelle works with our parent community to explain the program and shares insightful lessons as they move into this new stage of parenthood. We couldn’t image teaching human sexuality any other way. 
Danielle Priday, Principal Patricks Rd State School

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