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Tricky Friendship Days

Six Guiding principles that empower Tweens

When it comes to friendship, tweens are on a big learning curve! They are discovering who they are, what feels right for them, and what they have to offer others.  As trusted adults, there is a lot we can do to empower them to make wise decisions along the way.

In this presentation Michelle uses her six “guiding principals” to help tweens make real-time relationship decisions. Using real life examples from the tweens she has worked with, she is able to answer some of the most common questions tweens ask including – How do I handle meanness?  What if I like my friend more than I like me? How do I move friendship groups?  What do I do if someone is trying to control me? 

This presentation covers:

  • Six guiding (actually life-changing) principles which will empower friendship problem solving
  • The difference between ideal and real when it comes to friendships 
  • How to assess if a friendship is right for you 
  • The power of the tiny voice and standing alone
  • What are boundaries and how to communicate them well. 

Duration: 50-minute session

Recommended audience: Delivered in both Year 5 or 6. 

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