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Resilience Boosting Bundle

$45.00 AUD (RRP $59.97) 

The wellbeing of our kids is on the forefront of our minds right now.  That’s why I’ve put together this special offer for you and your tween to enjoy together. This bundle contains a trio of  “resilience boosting” resources. 

The wellbeing of our kids is on the forefront of our minds right now.  That’s why I’ve put together this special offer for you and your tween to enjoy together. This bundle contains a trio of my best-selling “resilience boosting” resources, including The Everyday Resilience Journal. Keep reading to find out more… 

Item 1: The everyday Reilience journal

The first item in this bundle is The Everyday Resilience Journal for tweens. (RRP $24.99)

Written for tweens, this book offers 40 clever strategies to help tweens with friendship dramas, schoolwork and their confidence. Chapter titles include:  Handling Friendship Stuff, Handling Tough Friendship Stuff, Enjoying the Daily Routine, Understanding Stressful Feelings, Conquering Schoolwork and Homework and Knowing How to Contribute. It is full of real-life stories, easy to read strategies, journal pages and beautiful illustrations! We love receiving rave reviews from parents who have purchased this journal for their son or daughter.

Item 2: Everyday REsilience for parents

The second item in this bundle is Everyday Resilience: Helping Kids Handle Friendship drama, academic pressure and the self-doubt of growing up for parents. (RRP $24.99)

Written for parents of both primary and high school aged children (6-17), this book has a special focus on school based issues. It is the perfect accompaniment to The Everyday Resilience Journal, although both products do stand alone. This book answers questions such as:

  • How are children taught resilience?
  • What do all resilient children have in common?
  • How can I help my child handle social disappointments well?
  • How do I help my child choose good friends
  • How do I help my child handle meanness and gossip with confidence?
  • How do I best support a child who is struggling academically?
  • How can I help a cautious child try new things
  • What has resilience got to do with sibling rivalry?
  • How do I help my child be more grateful and appreciate their life?
  • How can I best empower my child for their future?

Item 3: Everyday Resilience Audio presentation

The third item in this bundle is the Everyday Resilience: Audio presentation for parents. (RRP $9.99)

This 36 minute audio presentation will help parents take the micro moments of family life and turn them into opportunities to build resilience.  It is full of strategies and tips to help young people overcome challenges and find strength as they face school based challenges.

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When purchased individually the RRP of these resources is $59.97.  As a package they are now available for $45.00.  

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what parents are saying

I just wanted to pass on how much we loved your Everyday Resilience Journal. My 9yo and I read it together each night and had many amazing lightbulb moments together.  We refer to it daily still (3 months after we finished it).
Lisa M

We gave your resilience book to our tween for Christmas. It has prompted some amazing discussions between the two of us. Both of us sharing some experiences and different strategies we have tried to resolve issues in the past. We have one chapter to go and she is so keen to read it! Please keep writing and publishing! Highly recommended text.
Melissa W

Your book saved my sanity today. School holidays, I’m juggling childcare and take worked from home. Your book arrived today whilst I was in the midst of comforting Miss 10 with friendship online dramas, it was a life saver. She read while I had an online meeting and was in a better space to talk and sort out her worried after a shim read. She told me that the gecko made her calm down. You were my child’s 2nd parent today and I thank you immensely. (Her dad passed away just after she was born).
Jodie M

I have purchased a few of Michelle’s books and have been so so impressed by them for parents to help them in portraying such difficult material and knowledge to their children Michelle has done a great job with these books. 
Romano M