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Revising Sexual Health Basics

A crash course for year seven students

This sexual health ‘crash course’ ensures that all students are entering high school with the same knowledge about sexual health. Full of humorous and engaging stories, this presentation is anything but awkward and enables students to revise puberty and where babies come from in a values based context.

This presentation includes:
• Definition of puberty
• Correct names of body parts and sexual organs
• What age puberty is most likely to start
• The role of the pituitary gland
• Changes in males – production of sperm, pubic hair, growth of body hair, voice breaking, growth spurts, change in body shape
• Changes in females – pubic hair, growth of body hair, growth spurts, change in body shape including breasts, menstruation
• Females during puberty
• Ways young people can show respect and consider each other
• Emotions and moods
• Hygiene
• Support people and who to direct questions to
• Myths about where babies come from
• Conception including a clear explanation of the term ‘sex’
• Beautiful images of conception, and the embryo and foetus growing in the womb
• Explanation that sex is a very special part of adult relationships
• The important role of the placenta and umbilical cord
• The different roles that eggs and sperm play in making a baby
• IVF and how doctors can help
• Stages of pregnancy
• Developmental milestones including heartbeat, thumb sucking, hearing and movement.
• Birth, including vaginal birth and C-section
• A very general discussion about illnesses and deaths which answers children’s natural questions
• Contraception and why adults use it
• Self-protection and why sex is not for children
• The importance of caring adult to answer ongoing questions

Duration: 1 hour session

Recommended audience: Year 7. May be delivered to specific genders separately, although Michelle’s preference is to speak to both genders together.

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