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350 pages of practical, compassionate wisdom to guide your tween towards adolescence well.

Did you know that your child is in the most rapid period of development since toddlerhood?

If your child is between the ages of nine and twelve, you are in the throes of the ‘between’ years. Not quite a child and not yet a teenager, tweens embody a very specific stage of development that once understood will revolutionise the way you parent, educate and support those in your care. 

TWEENS will help you understand what kids need NOW, before the teenage years.

This book is practical, grounded in research and offers valuable insights from my survey of over 2000 parents and tweens. Together, we will explore your child’s friendship issues, mood swings, confidence crises, technology habits, sibling rivalry, body image concerns, tricky behaviour and the road ahead.

One thing I am sure of – right now, before the full pressures of high school hit, you have a window of opportunity that can change the trajectory of adolescence and beyond. I can’t wait to reassure you that your tween is ready to be switched on to their potential, and every trusted adult in their lives can be a part of that process.

What's INSIDE?

Foreword by Maggie Dent

A Quick Definition 
About the Survey
Introduction: A Change in Conversation 

Chapter 1: Almost a Teenager
Chapter 2: Speaking Tween
Chapter 3: Tricky Friendship Days 
Chapter 4: Big, Bold Emotions
Chapter 5: Sturdy Self-esteem
Chapter 6: Talents, Interests and Abilities
Chapter 7: Sex and Other Tricky Topics 
Chapter 8: The Chapter You Need to Read 
Chapter 9: Building Body Confidence 
Chapter 10: Mental Health and the Path Less Travelled 
Chapter 11: The Road to Independence 
Chapter 12: Boundaries and Buy-in
Chapter 13: The Gift of Language 
Chapter 14: Siblings Who Fight Well 
Chapter 15: Transitioning to High School 
Chapter 16: Five Messages from Your Tween

A Closing Thought 


BUY NOW and receive free access to the TWEENS webinar. This webinar will be a celebration of your child and unpack some of the key concepts Michelle explores in this book. PS. We will also make sure you get early notifications of live events for you, and your kids. I’ve got some wonderful events planned for 2023.  

PRAISE for this book

I’m so grateful for the reviews that are coming in for this book…

Wise words. Sage advice. Tweens is a gift from Michelle to every parent. 
Madonna King, Best selling author of Ten-ager and L-platers 

A book full of wisdom, compassion and guidance that I believe will help families, schools and communities everywhere take better care of our tweens.
Maggie Dent, Bestselling parenting author and host of the ABC podcast Parental as Anything 

Infused with profound wisdom, this book is all at once scientific, practical and heartfelt.
Karen Young, Author of the bestselling book Hey Sigmund and Hey Warrior which is aimed at young people with anxiety 

Michelle Mitchell has packed Tweens with practical, smart and guilt-free strategies. Tweens will give you more clarity and confidence to support your child to embrace their tween years and prepare them to thrive as adults.
Kasey Edwards, Author of Raising Girls Who Like Themselves

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