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You-Who? Confidence Thieves

$20 AUD

This is a replay episode from You! Who? a series of interactive webinars for tweens aged 8 – 12, hosted by Michelle Mitchell, and created by a team of awesome people who want the very best for your child. 

about this episode

This episodes is will help tweens recognise the things that steal their confidence. I personally think that this season’s You-Who? team (five kids who are aged between 9 – 12) do an excellent job at describing how easy it is to lose their confidence and why comparisons are a trap so many of us fall into. This episode is packed with strategies tweens can use to find they grit you need to try new things, take risks and make decisions. It is also the perfect accompaniment to “Surer Ways to Build Self-Esteem” which you can find on the You-Who? shop page.


Once you complete your purchase, you will automatically receive an email containing a link to access the show. If you don’t receive this email, check your junk folder. If you are still having trouble, we are always here to help at shop@michellemitchell.org

Want MORE?

What’s awesome about replay episodes as you get to choose the topic that you need now to support your tween. If you’d like to check out the full You. Who? experience, including season passes and live events head here.


We get daily requests from great teachers and all other sorts of caring professionals wanting to better equip kids with social and emotional skills. We’d love to help!!! P.S. Teachers, these episodes are a fun way to build a positive culture in your classroom. If you’d like to find out how to license You. Who? for your classroom enquire here

meet the team.

The guys behind the screen are a shy bunch. They prefer to master the tech (which is quite a job) rather than be in the limelight….but they love You! Who? just as much as I do. Thanks to Rob from Request Technology, Matt from Thrill Switch Media, Angela who manages our online shop and has had a hand in set design, and my husband Doc who keeps us all travelling in the right direction.  I also have to thank my ‘dream team’ who spent a day in their school holidays to help me creative content – Sienna, Bella, Kayla, Sophie, Xavier and Harley. 

thank you.

Tweens are so impressionable. They are open-hearted and ready to learn from trusted adults. Parents, I want you to seize this moment right now and in doing so, give your child the best possible start to adolescence. Thank you for having me, and my team, in your home.