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Starting High School

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You! Who? is an online experience for tweens aged 8 – 12, hosted by Michelle Mitchell, and created by a team of awesome people who want the very best for your child. 


Nerve-cited about high school? You are not alone!

If your tween is about to start high school, you might relate to the term “nerve-cited”.  It’s a word that expresses the feeling of being both nervous and excited at the same time. If there is a little nerve-citement in your house at the moment, Michelle is here to help.

In this You! Who? special Michelle will be sharing specific skills tweens need to prepare for high school over a three week period. Tweens will hear from others who are also embarking on the transition, and those who have just completed their first year of high school.  The best part is that they can refer back to these episodes anytime they need to.


This You! Who? Starting High School special includes the following three episodes, all of which are designed to bring reassurance and teach skills to support the transition to high school.

Episode 1: Managing the Nerve-cited Feeling

Get ready to talk about…. Feeling nerve-cited and saying goodbye. The pros and cons of primary and high school. Two BRILLIANT ways to prepare for the transition. Tips from teens who have been there. 

Live date: October 25th, 7.00 – 7.40pm AEST

Episode 2: Slaying the High School Social Scene

Get ready to talk about… What you need to know about the high school social scene. Embracing new friends, old friends, and non-people friends. What to do if things get stressful. Leaning on your secret support crew. Tips from teens who have been there.

Live date: November 1st, 7.00 – 7.40pm AEST

Episode 3: Preparing for Your First Day… and more

Get ready to talk about… Preparing a first day action plan. Having ‘what if’ conversations. Some tips about safety and transport. Setting realistic expectations for first term. Some bonus homework and study tips. Tips from teens who have been there.

Live date: November 8th, 7.00 – 7.40pm AEST

Ways You can join us.

There are two ways you can be a part of You! Who? 

  • Join Us Live:  Of course, we’d love you to join us live. This is a great opportunity for parents to diarise time with their tweens – dates and times shown above. 
  • Catch Up Anytime:  If you can’t join us live you will still get the full You! Who? experience. Each episode will “drop” 24 hours after the live event and it is yours to watch and view as many times as you want for 6 months through your You! Who?  login.  Feedback from parents has been that the replays allow them to pause and chat about important issues. 

Classrooms, groups & Professionals

We get daily requests from great teachers and all other sorts of caring professionals wanting to better equip kids with social and emotional skills. We’d love to help!!! P.S. Teachers, these episodes are a fun way to build a positive culture in your classroom.

This license is for customers that wish to use this product in a school, organisation, club, or as part of a professional practice. Professional Licenses are valid for 6 months. All episodes are yours to watch as many times as you like during this time. See Licence Agreement for more details.

Professional Licence for classrooms/professionals. $350.00 AUD


Once you complete your purchase, you will automatically receive an email containing a link to access the show. If you don’t receive this email, check your junk folder. If you are still having trouble, we are always here to help at shop@michellemitchell.org

about You! who?

Hi I’m Michelle, I’ve spent 25 years speaking in schools as a life skills educator, specifically investing into the social and emotional growth of tweens and teens. My new online show for tweens brings my best content directly to your home, giving you and your tween a fun, interactive and super helpful weekly online experience. You! Who? is an online experience for tweens aged 8 – 12, hosted by me, and created by a team of awesome people who want the very best for your child. Get ready for practical takeaways, guest appearances, safe chat, secret missions and special share moments. We want to build a community of kids who are growing stronger together, and provide an opportunity for you spend quality time with your tween, talking about the things that matter most to them right now.

thank you.

Tweens are so impressionable. They are open-hearted and ready to learn from trusted adults. Parents, I want you to seize this moment right now and in doing so, give your child the best possible start to adolescence. Thank you for having me, and my team, in your home.