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Girl's Guide To Puberty

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This book is jammed packed with need-to-know information, messages of respect and positive vibes to help tweens face puberty with confidence. ** Bulk orders available for schools.


Teaching sexual health in schools has been a part of my job for 25 years. During this time I have created a unique program that has helped thousands of teens embark on puberty more confidently. I’m proud to say this program (along with questions submitted by 560 tweens in my recent online survey) now forms the basis of my latest resources for families and schools.

With the help of comics, real-life stories and inspiring quotes, girls will learn about body parts and how they will change, be guided into the world of periods, get tips on how to care for their body and emotions (including their brain) and develop a mindset for enjoying life now and into the future.  It’s fun, engaging and purpose built for young minds aged 8 – 12.  


SECTION 1:  Talking to Adults 

Who is a trusted adult – Choosing trusted adults – Feelings about puberty 

SECTION 2: Puberty Basics

What is puberty? – When will it start? – What should I expect? – Stages of Puberty

SECTION 3: Hello Private Parts! 

The inside bits – The outside bits – More about the Vagina, Ovaries and Uterus

SECTION 4: Body Changes  

What changes will happen – Growth spurts – Breasts and nipples – Pubic hair – Even more hair – Curves –  New feelings – Menstrual cycle (and periods)

SECTION 5: More About Periods 

Your first period – About pads and tampons – Period tracking – The emergency period pack Handling leaks – Buying period essentials – Talking to dads about periods – Period pain and PMS – And more….

SECTION 6:  About Boys’ Bodies 

Basic changes boys go through – How to be a good friend to boys 

SECTION 7: Looking After You

How to care for your changing body – Facts about pimples – About sleep, exercise and play – Protecting your body – Tricky questions 

SECTION 8: Inside Your Brain 

Brain changes – What this means for you – How parents can help – New friends and ideas – Liking someone – Bad hair days 

SECTION 9: The Future 

More conversations – Becoming an adult you – Puberty to-do list

Your Puberty Vocabulary Guide

SOME OF my favourite pages

To help you get a feel for the tone of the book I have chosen the first few lines of some of my favourite pages. 

Page 7. Meet the Characters

I’d like to introduce you to the characters that Steph, the AMAZING illustrator of this book, and I created for you. Flip the page to meet Olivia (who loves sneakers – she even wore a pair to bed once!), her cupcakes obsessed guinea pig called Sprinkles, the Puberty Fairy (the magic-dust throwing kind) and a bunch more. I hope they all bring a smile to your face, help you learn, and (most importantly) make talking to trusted adults a lot easier.

Page 16. Talking to the Right People About Puberty

Talking to the right people about puberty and your body is really, really important. You don’t want to talk to just ANYONE about personal stuff. Imagine going up to a random person and saying, ‘Hey dude, what is puberty all about?’ That’s not a conversation for strangers or people who aren’t SUPER trustworthy.

Page 116.  Using Pads 

Wearing a pad might feel weird at first. You might feel like you have a brick sitting between your legs, but I PROMISE you will get used to it really quickly. The thinner the pad, the less you will feel it. And if you buy pads which are especially designed for younger girls, they will fit your body better.

Page 202. Brain Changes

They call this process brain pruning. Imagine it being like pruning a bush, but it’s your brain! The big question: How does your brain know what to prune and what not to?

Pruning withers away the neurons which you don’t use. It doesn’t get rid of anything important — just unnecessary stuff which is cluttering or slowing things down in there. It wants to work as effectively as possible. It also strengthens the neurons which you do use. Your brain will keep pruning until you are about twenty- four years old. After it has finished, your brain will be built around the things you like to do and are good at.

p 206. Your Parents 

It might help if you see your parents or carers (or any trusted adult for that matter) like a spare Pre-frontal Cortex that will kick into action every now and then (just like a spare tyre when the one on your car is flat). You can use their logic when yours isn’t around. When you are much older your own Pre-frontal Cortex will remind you to brush your teeth, pack your school bag and eat healthy food. In the meantime, your family is likely to do that.  They aren’t a bad asset to have on your side.


Amazing illustration and gorgeous, accessible fun language. This book is a fantastic way to educate young people on the changes taking place in their incredible bodies. It is up to date, factual, and most importantly engaging for even the most trepidatious pre-teens. It will help young people to understand, embrace and take care of their beautiful bodies setting them up with self-esteem and body confidence into adulthood. A must have on the shelf for parents of young people finding their feet.
Dr Peta Wright – Gynaecologist and fertility specialist

If I could put this book into the hands of every tween girl, I would. It’s the book I needed when I was growing up! For every parent who struggles to talk about puberty with their kids, Michelle is here to help. Parents everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief.
Rebecca Sparrow – Author of Find Your Tribe (and 9 other things I wish I’d known in high school)

As an educator, I have seen many puberty books over the past 28 years. These books are BY FAR the most creative and well researched I have ever seen.
Sharon Witt – Educator and author

This book has been so timely for my girls, and it so RELATABLE. It brought a calm, reassurance to a tricky topic. Big thumbs up from me!
Cathy G

They are at the age when self-exploration and discovery is already happening, and I want to be at the helm of it. I want my girls to be well-informed, and prepared. This book did all that and more.  It really helped important conversations flow.
Mari-shell S

This book helped me get involved in my girl’s world.  It’s challenging to know how to respond to hormones and moods but this book gave me an understanding of what they needed from me as their dad. Perfectly written. Lots of humour. Worked in our home.
Darryl S

Loving ours that arrived the other day, my 8 yo can’t put it down.
Chelsea I

Just ordered 1 for my boys and 1 for my girl!  My girl is in love with her book.  Last night we had a nice conversation about it.  Thank you so much.
Luciana F

These books are great.  I purchased one of each and they get a big thumbs up in our household.  They have broadened the discussions with our kids.  I often recommend them to friends with tweens.  Thanks for creating such a great resource.
Jenny A

I am Paige! I am 10 years old and a huge fan and I love your book about puberty. It has made me feel more confident as more symptoms pop up. Your book is a huge help and thank you so so so so much for it! I hope you continue you making these great book for generations to come! Thanks again.
Pagie V

Michelle Thank you so much for the book! It was so wonderful to read with my daughter and talk about everything she had questions about!  We really became even closer!!!
Sheila L

I have purchased a few of Michelle’s books and have been so so impressed by them for parents to help them in portraying such difficult material and knowledge to their children Michelle has done a great job with these books. Just reading girl’s guide to puberty at this very time.
Romano A

Just got the Everyday Resilience Journal and A Girl’s Guide to Puberty yesterday. WORTH EVERY CENT and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
Nicole P

Just ordered 1 for my boys and 1 for my girl!  My girl is in love with her book.  Last night we had a nice conversation about it.  Thank you so much.
Luciana F


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