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Practical Resources for Those Affected by Youth Suicide


This week has been brutal for Brisbane. We have lost 3 tweens/teens to suicide and 1 mother. In response, this is a special blog offering a range of resources to support parents across our nation (and beyond) who are living and working with tweens and teens who are struggling with loss, grief or their mental health. 

Please unapologetically lean on each other during this time. It is only in community that we can find true healing. Sending love in every way I can. I believe that the only way to address a national crisis of magnitude is with a tribe mentality. 

We are definitely at our strongest when professionals, community programs and trusted adults work together.   Let’s stand up and be a part of the answer. We all know at least one young person who needs to be noticed, heard, protected and safe. How we respond to the one could make all the difference. 


These range of resources may be of some help to parents, teachers and young people dealing with death and loss.

A Tribe Mentality: The Only Answer to Teen Suicide by Michelle Mitchell Click here

Helping Boys Understand Death and Loss:  For parents and teachers by Maggie Dent. Click here

Helping Teens with Death and Loss: For Teachers by Maggie Dent. Click here

How to talk to Kids About Suicide: Parental as Anything ABC Radio Episode. Click here

How to Help Kids Deal with Death and Loss: Parental as Anything ABC Episode. Click here 

Suicide with Dr Dan Reindenberg: How To Talk to Kids About Anything Podcast.  Click here

Chatsafe – A young person’s guideline for communicating safely online about suicide. Click here

Conversation Matters: A resource for discussing suicide. Click here

How to Talk About Suicide with Young People by Headspace. Click here

How to support someone after a suicidal loss by Beyond Blue. click here

Remembering a Young Person’s Memorials and Special Events. Click here

Friendship: Medication for Mental Health by Podcast 360. Click here

Standby – support after suicide offer some great resources and I have included the link here. www.standbysupport.com.au/resources

Roses in the ocean is also a great source of information too. 


Beyond Blue’s Forums, which encourage conversation, connection and sharing of resources. Click here to sign up


Beyond Now: Safety Suicidal Plan APP.This is an excellent resource which I encourage all parents and professionals to access. Click here 


Please do also take advantage of: 

Lifeline – 13 11 14. Lifeline also have a chat service available 12- 2pm every day – 0477 131 114.

Kid’s Help Line – 1800 551 800.

Headspace, the national youth mental health service, is also available.

1300 642 255 (1300 MH CALL) is another number you can call to get advice on how to handle a crisis and what services are available to you.


I know wait lists can be long, and services in rural and regional areas are lacking.  If you are unsure where to start, your local GP or school support services usually carry good referral lists. The following may also be helpful. 

Beyond Blue’s national professionals directory is an excellent starting place to access help.  I particularly like the range of profession options available to consider. Click here

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