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Self-Harm Bundle

$40.00 AUD (RRP $54.98) 

If you have a child that is struggling with self-harm, I want to remind you that you are your child’s greatest advantage. What you do and how you respond matters. This book, webinar and audio presentation were produced with all of my love and support.

If you have a child that is struggling with self-harm, I want to remind you that you are your child’s greatest advantage. What you do and how you respond matters. This trio of resources were produced with all of my love and support. Keep reading to find out more… 

ITEM 1: SElf-Harm

The first item in this bundle is Self-Harm: Why Teens Do It and What Parents Can Do to Help. (RRP $24.99)

This book encouraging book provide fresh insights into how to prevent, understand and respond to self-harm and digital self-harm. Michelle answers questions like –

  • Why does my child want to hurt themselves
  • What do I say if I suspect self-harm?
  • How do I manage my child’s safety?
  • How do I take care of siblings and other family members?
  • When should I seek support

ITEM 2: SElf-Harm audio presentation

The second item in this bundle is Self-Harm: An audio presentation for parents. (RRP $9.99)

This 42-minute audio session will help parents understand and respond to self harm. It is full of strategies and tips on what to do if your child, or someone you know is self harming or you suspect may be self harming.

ITEM 3: self-harm webinar

The third item in this bundles is Strengthening Teens Mental Health webinar. (RRP $20.00)

In this 1-hour Neil Milton from Child Safe Australia interviews Michelle. Together they discuss…

  • What self-harm is 
  • Who is most at risk  
  • Signs young people are experiencing poor mental health 
  • When we should seek help  
  • How to think holistically when supporting young people
  • Common sense practical strategies for families 
  • How to support young people as they show compassion and care for each others mental health 
  • Lots of encouragement for parents and professional who are showing up for their kids! 

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When purchased individually the RRP of these resources is $54.98.  As a package they are now available for $40.00.  

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What others are saying

Michelle Mitchell’s book SELF-HARM is a much needed really valuable exploration of one of the most misunderstood and frightening behaviours that occurs for many young people on their adolescent journey. Michelle’s wisdom, warmth and compassion mirror what is really needed for those who are supporting a young person who is self-harming. This is a must for families, schools and community organisations that work with young people. Together we can all make a positive difference with really accurate knowledge and understanding that is found is this excellent book.
Maggie Dent (Author, Educator and Parents and Resilience Specialist)

Parents are often frightened and overwhelmed when they discover their child is self-harming. It is an issue that is not spoken about enough. This book is packed with research, expert advice and very brave personal stories, which will provide many parents with support and hope. Michelle has done an incredible job in addressing a very sensitive topic. 
Collett Smart (Psychologist, Educator and Author)

With compelling wisdom and compassion, Michelle Mitchell has lifted the curtain on self-harm. She draws on important research and extensive experience and provides vivid examples that are so raw and so ordinary in their truth, as to give a strong and poignant voice, not only to those who are self-harming, but also to the ones who love them. This book traverses that gap. It is an intelligent, thoughtful, and much-needed resource, empowering all who read it with powerful insights, a road map of practical strategies, and above all else, hope. 
Karen Young (Author, Speaker, Parenting and Child & Adolescent Anxiety Specialist)

This is a practical, compassionate, best-practice book that is accessible to any parent. Michelle combines understanding with genuine care to help any family with teens who struggle. I read every word! Highly recommended!
Dr Justin Coulson (Bestselling Author and one of Australia’s leading Parenting Experts)