School Anxiety Webinar

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This online chat show brings Michelle’s best content directly to your home, giving you and your tween a fun, interactive and super helpful experience. Let’s talk about the things that matter to them and make these years count.  

About This Episode

Tweens receive so much feedback. Their appearance, performance and behaviour is constantly under review! Between weekly assessments, report cards, analysis from sports coaches, comments from peers and messages from media, it is a lot to handle.

In this episode of You-Who we are going to explore strategies that will help kids process feedback well. I want kids to know that their worth is immovable, and that they have the strength to either use feedback as a tool for growth, or bin it. Most importantly, I want to offer them specific strategies to build their sense of self and steady them when it feels overwhelming. 

Together we will explore:

  • The many people and places feedback comes from
  • Why it’s easy to crumble or shut out feedback 
  • Tips to help them process feedback well 
  • Ways we can re-frame disappointing feedback to help us grow
  • Ways we can bin feedback that is unhelpful
  • Sure ways to steady yourself when it feels too much!


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What parents are saying


We get daily requests from great teachers and all other sorts of caring professionals wanting to better equip kids with social and emotional skills. We’d love to help!!! P.S. Teachers, these episodes are a fun way to build a positive culture in your classroom. If you’d like to find out how to license You. Who? for your classroom enquire here

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